Pat Bilodeau

Director, Travel Services

    Pat Bilodeau came to Infrared in the early days, starting as an Air Agent and Program Manager in 1999. She left to pursue personal interests and enhance her career by putting in the time at a hospitality company and getting her CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) certification in 2011. Pat rejoined Infrared in July 2012.

    Now, with over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, with a specialty in air travel, Pat uses her extensive background to work in her clients’ best interests and find solutions to unexpected situations that inevitably occur with travel. She’s also incredibly talented at juggling the many varied details of large trips.

    Prior to Infrared, Pat worked as a hotel banquet manager and team lead for the Roche/Genentech corporate air travel account. She also spent 12 years at Travel Incentives as an Air Travel Manager, Program Manager, and Tour Director. To say she knows how to move people around is an understatement!

    Pat loves spending time with family and friends, even impromptu visitors who just pop in for a visit, and she enjoys entertaining with good food and wine. Pat also has a passion for cinema and enjoys going to the movies. When she’s not catching a film, she’s walking, running, lifting weights, or swimming.




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