Travel Incentives – How Do I Evaluate Results?

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The trip is over, the feedback has been great, and the progress reports along the way promised a big jump in sales or tremendous improvement in employee behavior.  But hold on – you can’t pronounce the incentive a success until you have evaluated the final results.  A conclusive post program evaluation will tell you and top management that your program was a worthwhile investment.  It will also point out ways to refine and improve future programs for even better results.

How do you judge the success of the program? Get feedback. There are three sources of vital information: the travel incentive participants, the administrators and your own observations.

  1. Listen to the guests. Conduct a survey to see what they liked and didn’t like. Determine if the information about the program was communicated clearly.
  2. Talk to those teams who managed the program whether it’s your own staff or your agency partner.  Solicit their feedback, and conduct a post mortem on what worked well and what could use improvement.
  3. Review; cast your own critical eye on the results.  Consider both bottom line impact as well as intangible aspects.  Ask questions like: What was the effect of the incentive on sales? Did the company improve morale or loyalty? Did the program meet the guest’s expectations?

Finally, put it all together and be sure to incorporate into your planning for next time.


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