How Does Incentive Travel Affect Employees?

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Incentive travel is globally recognized as a performance motivator used by organizations to boost employee engagement. Companies use these programs to build relationships between management and employees as well as boost productivity. Below are some statistics to explain how these experiences ultimately impact employees.

88.6% of employees agreed that incentive travel makes them feel appreciated by their employer.

76.6% of incentive travel recipients said it increased their feeling of belonging within their organization.

86.3% of beneficiaries agreed it made them feel a sense of recognition from their employer and peers.

72.4% of employees agreed that travel incentives led to an increased feeling of loyalty toward their company.

Although some employers will argue that cash incentives are king, it’s clear that travel experiences translate into continued positive efforts. Cash is spent in a flash and easily forgotten. Incentive travel yields employee recognition, loyalty, and kinship – there’s no substitute for that.

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