10 Reasons Why Money Isn’t Everything But Travel Incentives Comes Real Close

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Successful businesses are always looking for the most effective ways to motivate employees. So what works best: cash or travel?

Travel, it turns out, may be the most effective incentive of all. According to a study by Site International Foundation and the Incentive Travel Council

96% of employees say they are motivated by travel incentives, and 72% who earn the reward say they feel increased loyalty to the company. Here are 10 reasons why incentive travel programs provide intangible value that cash rewards can’t offer.

  1. Because of its high perceived value, a travel incentive can cost less than money or merchandise.
  2. Travel rewards are more glamorous to promote than cash rebates or other sales promotions.
  3. Cash is easy come, easy go.  It’s spent on mundane necessities.  Travel is memorable.
  4. Competitors can quickly match rebates and other promotion methods.  However, travel incentives are custom-designed exclusively for your company.
  5. Travel incentives represent a chance for hard-working individuals to be rewarded with priceless life-long memories.
  6. A travel incentive is an unforgettable experience that communicates and enhances your company’s image.
  7. Everyone benefits from some time away. Rewarding your staff with a travel experience will help to relieve stress, boost confidence and reignite their creativity.
  8. Incentive travel can be tailored to suit every budget, making travel a practical reward option for small and large businesses alike.
  9. Forge stronger team dynamics. The thrilling adventures and shared experiences of a fantastic trip will hone and develop positive team dynamics.
  10. Foster employee loyalty and dedication. A great travel incentive rewards system will ensure your employees feel appreciated.

An easy decision……These are just a few of the many benefits incentive travel programs offer. When deciding whether to reward your employees with cash or incentive travel, the latter is the only option that will make a lasting impression on your employees while also rejuvenating their spirits. In the end, incentive travel rewards both employees and employers.


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