Once In A Lifetime Incentives – The most effective employee reward method?

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Good manners do go a long way and, as we may recall our parents’ insistence about not forgetting two little magic words in our first interactions with the big wide world, we do feel equally respected when someone meets our efforts with a simple “Thank You”. At the basis of common courtesy, expressions of gratitude form a code of conduct most cultures live by, even if characterised by different etiquettes and rules. What is certain is that no matter how gratitude is expressed, it is a universal art that conveys the receiver a feeling of being valued and appreciated.

Whilst we are all aware that being polite is an attractive attribute to possess, successful leaders know that it is also the smart way to motivate their workforce. Rewarding employees’ endeavours is the highest ROI a company can make so, understanding how to recognise and compensate efforts effectively is essential in order to make staff happy and consequently more productive. The secret to finding the most appropriate way to motivate people is understanding what drives and motivates them. Remarkably, according to Maslow’s “self-actualization” concept of people’s hierarchy of needs, the motivation to achieve their full potential is the ultimate driving force for individuals.

So in an age of instant gratification where a sense of entitlement is prolific and the exceptional has become the ordinary, what could possibly motivate personnel and provide them with a money can’t buy, once in a lifetime incentive? The answer is simple: a unique immersive experience where everything, from the carefully selected unique incentive travel location to the bespoke event services offered by a highly professional experiential incentive travel agency that understands a company’s objective – and its team’s aspirations – ensures that the trip will remain an inimitable lasting memory boosting employees’ motivation to care about the success of the business.


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