Experiential Travel Incentives – A powerful method to make customers feel valued?

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There are innumerable books, lectures and experts claiming to hold the key to conducting business in a more humane manner, promoting a company culture where everyone has the customer’s best interests in mind. After all, promoting more success for a company derives from the result of being very customer orientated.

Research confirms that the business-customer relationship is fundamentally based on emotion, with underlying powerful, emotive triggers. The buzz word currently making rounds is “Reciprocity”, a social concept considered since Aristotle which explains the human brain’s need to keep any kind of transaction “fair”. In other words, the subconscious desire to return the favour to those that have done something nice for you has fascinating effects in the context of customer service, reinforcing the necessity to build loyalty through exceptional efforts to surprise and delight the customer.

The name of incentive travel itself stands for motivation and arguably there isn’t a more effective way of creating an emotional connection with the customer, giving them an experience, a memory they will always positively associate the brand with. Unlike educational and conference based trips, experiential travel incentives are focused on tailored fun, discovery and entertainment that customers would not be able to relive on their own creating a once in a lifetime experience. Customers treated as VIP members of a selected privileged group, will in return demonstrate that giving people the feeling of importance generates patronage and loyalty.

Crucial to the implementation of these concepts, is nothing less than impressive travel logistics and exceptional customer service offered by the incentive travel agency. From striving to keep ahead of the game and create experiences that really have the “WOW” factor, to creating memorable moments through some form of personal touch, professionals interacting with kindness and making customers feel valuable as human beings, are the most powerful ambassadors any company could wish for.


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