Choosing The Best Incentive Travel Location

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Deciding whether or not to incentivise your staff or top clients is easy – however choosing the best incentive travel location for your programme is a bit more difficult. RPMC’s Senior Account Manager and industry expert Marina Rocca shares her view on the matter.

When beginning the thought process about where to host your incentive it is important to consider:

-Which destinations appeal to people?
-What attracts them there?
-Which destination offers guests a “once in a lifetime” experience?
-What are the things the group can do that no tourist can?

The perfect incentive destination combines …

-Great Weather
-Leisure Activities
-Traditional Cuisine
-Local Entertainment

…to create experiences that are “out of this world.” You want your guests to return feeling they have been treated like royalty and have had the opportunity to experience events very few others have or will ever.

The ideal destination should be able to offer:

-5 Star Luxury Services
-Quality Customer Service
-Value for Money
-Balance of Cultural & Exciting Activities
-“Tourist Can’t Buy” experiences
-Variety of Options: for sightseeing, meals, activities etc.

Whether it’s long or short haul, domestic or international, the location chosen is the first step that incentivises your guests by its appeal. The itinerary, activities and experiences follow on from there to create an unforgettable trip!




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