Why Experiential Marketing Is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

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As consumers become more informed and their interactions increasingly more digital, healthcare companies are working to find innovative and meaningful ways to connect with their audiences. One approach is experiential marketing. Healthcare brands are partnering with agencies to enhance the customer experience by developing sponsorship activations, corporate events, and live experiences.

Here are some reasons why experiential marketing is taking off in the healthcare world.


As healthcare companies shift their focus to personalized medicine and services, marketers are also taking a human-centric approach with the customer experience at the forefront of experiential design. This is where companies aim for engagement and satisfaction by immersing guests in a specific environment to evoke an emotional connection and spark a conversation. General Electric’s ambitious initiative, Healthymagination, promoted global healthcare solutions and engaged key stakeholders by incorporating “movie sets” that represented different healthcare environments. This allowed participants at the event to understand a complicated topic and experience firsthand what access to healthcare is like in impoverished parts of the world.

On The Pulse of Tech

It’s no surprise that technology is propelling digital health and user experiences. Some of the tools that continue to enhance provider-consumer interactions are internet-connected devices and virtual/augmented reality. VR content is now a major competitive arena for brands in the consumer-facing sectors. In terms of healthcare experiential activations, options like VR offer exciting potential for education and engagement, like Excedrin’s migraine simulator. This simulation allowed people to experience migraine symptoms described by a family member or loved one in order to inform and encourage empathy. These technological advances have the potential to take healthcare experiences to the next level

Shareable Content

Healthcare event success is elevated by the use of social media. It acts as free advertising for the event host and offers valuable real-time data points. Social media catalyzes further engagement since you can interact with attendees and develop hashtags to expand reach and frequency of contact. Capturing as many photos, videos, and shareable moments is key during experiences so that the content can continue on in future posts to further promote the brand and activation.

Experiential marketing creates an opportunity for brands within all industries to connect with consumers, which strengthens brand affinity. Because healthcare is so personal, it is important to leave attendees with a favorable impression and a positive emotional response. Luckily, that’s possible with tactics like human-centric design, technological advancements, and sharable social content.


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