Pat Bilodeau

Pat Bilodeau

Director, Travel Services



Pat currently leads the air desk at Infrared and is responsible for designing and managing all travel for Red Peak Group programs. She started as an air agent and has also served as program manager on several accounts including News Corporation, Discovery Networks and HGTV. Pat has over 32 years experience in the hospitality industry and is a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). She also has experience as a hotel banquet manager and team lead for the Roche/Genentech corporate air travel account. In addition, Pat spent 12 years at Travel Incentives as the air travel manager, program manager and tour director.



What is your personal life motto?

Don’t judge people, because you have not walked in their shoes.


Cheetos or Fritos?

Fritos!… hate messy food!


What movies have you watched over a dozen times?

Pretty Woman, The Full Monty and Mama Mia.