Liz Owens

Liz Owens

VP, Experience Design, LA



With over 25 years of extensive domestic and international group and meeting travel management experience, Liz Owens has been a driving force in developing programs and events that bring people together. Liz strives to find a balance in meeting our clients’ needs while still offering imaginative thinking to enhance the experience for attendees. Her background includes event planning, and corporate meeting and hospitality planning, with an emphasis on client objectives and personalized service. Liz’s corporate experience combined with the creative forces of Infrared helps us deliver memorable experiences that meet and exceed the needs of our diverse clientele.



What has been your biggest achievement?

Meeting and falling in love with my wonderful husband.


What’s your favorite Halloween costume from childhood?

The ones we created by simply using things we had around the house. Always super creative and fun.


Cheetos or Fritos?