Kelly Weinberg

Kelly Weinberg

Executive Vice President, LA



Kelly has spent a large part of her career as a management executive specializing in entertainment and sports marketing as well as the travel incentive and hospitality business. She has extensive experience working with global brands, including Discovery Networks, Intel, Hard Rock, McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, CBS and The Grammy Awards. In 2011 she was named EVP USA and assumed day-to-day management of the Live Experiences and Design teams, Account Management, and Business Development teams. Prior to Infrared, Kelly moved from the Bay Area to London where she worked in the editorial offices of British ELLE and SKY magazines. She returned to San Francisco to work in marketing at KGO Radio, where she organized promotions and events for the 49ers and Cal Bears football teams before rising to become promotions director for ABC Radio Networks.



Favorite motto, catchphrase or motivational poster

“What our children see in the world depends on what we show them.”


Guiltiest pleasure

Beaching it in Cabo with my family.


Who is someone you’ve met only one time, that you have never forgotten?

Jerry Garcia.